10 Gallon All-Grain Equipment Kit

$274.99 SKU EBK-00600

Step up your brewing game with this all-grain equipment kit. Each kit comes with the hardware needed to mash and sparge grain for batches up to 10 gallons in volume.

Included are two large Rubbermaid insulated coolers which have been fitted with heavy duty valves to allow for easy control of all flowing liquids. Also included is a sparge arm which conveniently sits on top of your mash tun and allows your sparge water to slowly trickle over the grain. Additionally, a false bottom is included to prevent the grain from leaving the mash tun during each step in the process.

This system can make use of up to 34 lbs of grain per batch. Whether you're brewing a very malty 5 gallon batch, or 10 gallons of session beer, this is the perfect entry kit to brewing all-grain at home.

Please note, brewing all-grain is a more advanced method of brewing beer and requires some additional knowledge of brewing to complete. Recommended items include a mash paddle, a large brewing pot (8+ gallons), and a high-output propane burner.

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